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Today’s Log

I apologize deeply to people who have been following my progress. I’m slacking on the daily logs Here’s What I had

Breakfast: My usual green banana icecream (4 frozen bananas, lemon juice and spinach)

Lunch: I had an overkill on figs. I had 3 packets of about 20 figs

Dinner: Was a little fatty with dinner I had Salad (romaine lettuce, shredded cabbage, sliced almonds and avocado) mixed with cooked lima beans in olive oil. I had 2 plates of that

Exercise 2.5mile run and a 1 hour strength train. I’m starting to feel myself come back into track shape. I’m progressing each day. I naturally wake up early without the need of alarms. I’m feeling good and looking great! :D



These photos make so happy even after the AMC glow has passed. 

Look at these lipstick looks! Not sure if everyone identifies as a femme but I know many do so these photos fuel my femme of color heart! 

Here’s to sistahmamaqueen, so-treu, labrujamorgan, strugglingtobeheard, lesbianspaceprincex, mytongueisforked, negrapresuntuosa, and ethiopienne  and M and M (anyone have their tumblrs?)! 

AHH!! SO pretty!!!!


Whenever you need a smile just remember that this gif exists :)

Love Disney, you must follow this blog!



The most important line in the whole damn song. MESSAGE.

The only historically accurate line in the whole film. 

excuse u

Chelsea Charles
Charlotte, NC

Iowa has NEVER elected a woman to Congress.
Could that change in November?